1977 GMC Motorhome




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68,800 total miles (today) BUT only 6,400 miles on rebuilt 455 engine.

Sleeps up to six, new adult height toilet, wet bath, 6 gal. electric water heater shares heat from engine, LP cooktop with oven, range vent and microwave. 455 ci (7.45 liter) with dual header exhaust, front wheel drive, seven Alcoa wheels, flared fender skirts, custom paint job, new curtains over front and rear windows, blackout blinds (including rear window), snap on privacy front window cover, snap on sun block front window cover, custom mood lighting throughout. Note that by opening the Bathroom door and Closet door a drying/dressing area is created. The total interior was professionally upgraded with vinyl/leather seats/couch and dinette seats, padded fabric wall panels and including the mood lighting.

Things I've done to the GMC since we bought it:
(Note, all mileage are rounded off)

BTW, I have the owner's manuals and factory construction manuals on CD.

First thing was to change all belts, spark plugs, spark plug wires, distributer rotor, hoses, professionally flush radiator, thermostat and coolant (58,800). June/July 2009

New Refrigerator July 2009

Rebuild Air Bag Pump and replace A/C dash duct work - July 2009

(Aluminum) Ragusa step, Regusa flag holders and Ragusa hood vent cover

Step, Flag holders (on mirrors), Generator Starter, Generator Air Filter, Generator Fuel Filter, Install Seat Belts and new Door Gasket - July 2009

Generator points and plugs - August 2009

Installed a Macerator!! Best thing ever for draining sewer!! - April 2010

Moved House Battery to front (to get more storage room) - April 2010

New 17" high Ceramic base Toilet - April 2010

Generator Motor Mounts May 2010

Ran hose from engine to water heater- May 2010

New Tires (61,000) June 2010

Heads, New Fan Clutch, Rebuild Alternator, New Rapid Fire Spark Plugs, Brake Booster, Vacuum Hose, Water Pump, rebuild carburetor, air filter and of course Antifreeze/coolant, Oil and Oil filter (61,000) July 2010

CVJ Boots (both sides), full grease job, Final Drive Fluid, Transmission fluid & filter (61,100) August 2010

New Starter - August 2010

Electric Fuel Pump and Cab Battery (61,600) October 2010

Run wire to charge Toad while towing and wired to tow - October 2010

New Porch Light - October 2010

NEW (REBUILT) ENGINE, fan clutch, final drive clutch and of course oil, oil filter and Antifreeze/coolant(62,400) September 2011

Hung Dining Room Chandelier (very important interior upgrade) - October 2011

Replaced (the 4) fuel line hoses - November 2011

Removed old central heat (for safety and add more storage space - January 2012

Rebuild Generator Carburetor (63,700) April 2012

Replaced ceiling with wood coffered ceiling - November 2012

Bedroom reading light - December 2012

All Brakes, front rotors, hub bearings, lower ball joints, turned drums (rear), rear bearings, wheel cylinders, shocks, shock bushings, rotate air bags (one brand new air bag passenger side), rotate tires, TRUE TRACKS (speciality item), new brake hoses, front disk brakes, new master cylinder and of course new brake fluid. September 2013

Ran PVC line for cleaning out sewer tank (very cool setup) - October 2014

Replaced 9,000 BTU rear A/C with 13,500 and replaced front 13,500 BTU with 15,000 BTU (plus heat strip) October 2014

New Fan Clutch (68,200) November 2015

New Distributor and wiring (68,500) April 2016

New Cab Map Lights - July 2016

New Power Steering Pump and gear box gasket kit (68,700) April 2017

I have pages and pages of minor items that I have improved on this GMC.

Removed original HUGE propane tank and replaced with 20 pound tank in order to get more storage room.

Added carpet dash cover (to protect original dash)

Added microwave (in cabinet/closet)

Professionally cleaned fuel tank and replaced fuel line with aluminum lines (insulated them)

Stored under heavy duty cover

Added flexible reading light over bed.

Added gravel guard to protect radiator

Added Wind Wing front window ventilators





Flyod Hopkins
Cedar Hill, TX